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What is a sonogram?

A sonogram is a diagnostic image produced during an ultrasound. A noninvasive test, an ultrasound can be performed to confirm pregnancy, certain diseases (like cancer), or a range of gynecologic issues. The device we use at our Denton South office in Denton, TX utilizes gentle sound waves to produce a precise image of your abdominal area.

At Health Services of North Texas (HSNT), we value your privacy and comfort above all else. When you visit our office to receive a sonogram, our team of compassionate physicians and medical assistants will safeguard your information and maintain a confidential relationship with you throughout your health journey.

Why do I need a sonogram?

Ultrasounds and sonograms serve many purposes. Along with being an integral part of monitoring pregnancy, sonograms can also detect issues within the abdominal organs and other areas, including the liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, pancreas, spleen, thyroid, ovaries, and more.

  • If you're pregnant, you will need to schedule ultrasounds at certain intervals of your pregnancy to ensure that your baby is growing healthily.
  • If you are trying to get pregnant and have not been successful, we may recommend having imaging done to take a closer look at your reproductive organs in a sonogram.
  • If you're experiencing other symptoms, such as abdominal pain or cramping, then you may need to have a sonogram for diagnostic purposes.

What to expect at a sonogram appointment

Your ultrasound will be performed by one of our skilled imaging technicians. Some of the perks of ultrasounds are that they are radiation-free, affordable, noninvasive, widely accessible, and proven safe for nearly all patients. There are a few different methods that may be used to conduct an ultrasound, depending on your unique situation and the issues you may be experiencing. While most ultrasounds are performed on the surface of the skin, some techniques require the insertion of the ultrasonic device into a natural opening of the body to produce a more accurate image of your abdominal area, which includes your reproductive organs.


At HSNT, your privacy is vital to us. Our team members strive to maintain a comfortable, confidential environment for our patients of all ages and backgrounds who may be pregnant or faced with illness. Our skilled physicians are pleased to offer comprehensive diagnostic tests to better understand your overall health and help you plan for your growing family. If you may be pregnant, or if you're experiencing certain abdominal issues, reach out to our Denton South office in Denton, TX to schedule your appointment.

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