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About our Psychiatric Care Services

Outpatient psychiatric care is available in Denton, Wylie, and Plano, TX at Health Services of North Texas (HSNT) for patients who need ongoing treatment for mental illness and disorders. Our experienced physicians, behavioral healthcare teams, and licensed clinical social workers offer psychiatric services to men, women, and children in the North Texas community. Most importantly, we are here to work with individuals and families who need ongoing mental health services to live a healthy life.

Do you or a family member need psychiatric care services? HSNT can provide:

  • Thoughtful evaluations and assessments for presenting mental health challenges
  • Diagnostic services and testing for certain behavioral health needs (when appropriate)
  • Recommendations for other therapeutic services HSNT, such as individual or family counseling
  • Ongoing medication reviews
  • Make prescription modifications when medications need to be adjusted
  • Case and/or medication management

Through our psychiatry care at HSNT, we can educate you and your family about mental health as well. It is vital to your care for everyone involved to have an open discussion during appointments about how to get the most out of treatment. Our behavioral healthcare teams can personalize interventions, which can make positive impacts on your everyday life. If something in your treatment plan is not working well, we can also make changes as we navigate your care together. At HSNT, we have a passion for giving our patients the therapies, medications, and resources needed for better mental health.

Who Qualifies for Psychiatric Care?

Any person who wishes to receive psychiatric care at HSNT qualifies for care and is welcome to schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Denton, Wylie, or Plano, TX. It is our mission to provide medical and behavioral healthcare for you. This includes psychiatric care regardless of your financial situation. We understand that many people feel psychiatric care is too expensive. However, we believe psychiatric care (when needed most) is not a luxury, nor should it only be available for people who can afford it. With HSNT, we want all patients (regardless of age or ability to pay) to get the services needed to take care of their mental health. We feel it is essential to provide free or reduced fees for psychiatric care for our patients. Therapeutically, we also take into consideration the mental health of our patients and if we can provide the right services to best meet psychiatric needs. We will do our best to evaluate all the options that lead to successful psychiatric care in the least restrictive environment. 

In The Event You Need INpatient psychiatric care

While we will do our best to manage you or your child's psychiatric care, we want to assure you that our intentions are to provide psychiatric care through our office, telehealth, and home-based services. There are times when we may make recommendations for an inpatient stay when it is in your best interest. Some of the circumstances that we would advise admitting you or your child into a mental health hospital can help when you or your child need acute psychiatric care when severe behaviors cannot be managed or stabilized at home. When it is unsafe for your or your child to be at home or in the community, it is possible we will recommend an inpatient stay for more intensive treatment. Again, we will work in tandem with other psychiatric care providers outside of HSNT as a referring practice on your behalf.

Finding affordable psychiatric care

We extend our psychiatric care services to people who need longer-term mental health services, medication management, and more for a healthy life. You can expect to be offered free or low-cost psychiatric care at HSNT in Denton, Wylie, and Plano, TX if you are uninsured, underinsured, or have a limited income. It is our hope to take out financial barriers for you and your family at HSNT so that psychiatric care can be provided. We also accept Medicaid, Medicare, and many different insurance plans. We would love to explore all of the benefits and options you have with treatment in our psychiatric care at HSNT.

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