Introducing Tabitha Muriuki, FNP

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Health Services of North Texas is delighted to announce the addition of a new Family Practice Provider in Denton, Texas, creating additional capacity to meet community needs. Please help us welcome Tabitha Muriuki, Family Nurse Practitioner. She has a passion for helping people, especially those in our community that need care the most, take that first step in getting into care. Tabitha has this to say about her patient care, “We will take it step by step to get you to your very best healthy.”


During my time with Tabitha, it was clear that she cares deeply for the health of her patients and will advocate and fight with them to achieve their health goals. “Making my patients feel comfortable and getting them on a regular visit schedule to improve their health outcomes, especially patients with chronic illness, is important. Regular care and check-ins have the benefit of increasing health literacy and reducing chronic illness symptoms.”


I asked Tabitha what she finds herself saying to her patients repeatedly and it was no surprise when she commented on nutrition. “Find a good balance in nutrition and healthy movement; walking will go a long way in helping you achieve your health goals. Just get up and start walking and walk a little more every day, the benefits are tremendous. Sit less, move more.”


When asking Tabitha about her why, why she chose this line of work she had this to say, “I chose this line of work because the job satisfaction is like none other. Helping people get to their personal best healthy and prevent or improve chronic illness symptoms has such a positive impact on not only that one human but the entire community.”


Tabitha leaves us with this message for her patients, “I am compassionate and empathize with your situation. I will provide the very best care and look forward to teaming up with you to help you get to your very best healthy.”


Please help us welcome Tabitha Muriuki, FNP to the HSNT Family. If you are looking for a new medical provider, she is an excellent choice and you will be so thankful for you the care you receive.